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Struggling Losing Weight? Signs your diet and exposure to toxins are to blame

Toxins, toxic chemical substances and weight gain

Toxic chemical substances are unavoidable in the 21st century. From fertilisers, cosmetics, deodorants, hair products, paints, carpets, and household cleaning products, they can all increase the burden of toxins in your body interfering with many aspects of metabolism including disrupting hormone levels, blocking thyroid receptors, stressing liver function, and damaging the mitochondria and their ability to burn calories while contributing to weight gain.

Our approach to weight loss, rather than focussing on calorie restriction and starvation, focusses on optimising the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins. If the body’s detoxification tools aren’t performing properly, waste will build up increasing fat tissue and putting vital organs at risk.

What’s the theory behind?

When the liver is malnourished or feels overwhelmed by environmental pollutants and other toxins, their toxic metabolites may not be bio-transformed into water-soluble substances for further excretion. Instead, they might be kept in the liver's deposits or sent back to the bloodstream, where eventually, they will be stored in fat tissues (belly, brain, fatty organs) increasing the occurrence of adverse health effects.

During weight loss, fat breaks down and toxic residues accumulated in these adipose tissues are discharged and released into the bloodstream. If you undertake a weight loss programme that does not address this fact or does not use a binding agent protocol monitored by a practitioner, you might be putting your health at risk and might find it hard to lose weight.

Taking this fact into account and acknowledging scientific facts, we have created a fully personalised safe weight loss programme that ensures you are in good hands, and most importantly, ensures health complications derived from fast weight loss diets are avoided.

What our clients love the most about our approach is that it allows you to feel pampered with a pleasant detox weight-loss experience that you can practice both from the comfort of your home or while holidaying with us.

How does it work?

During your nutrition consultation we will look into finding the root cause of your weight gain. We will then address what’s preventing you from losing weight with a personalised nutrition plan aimed at nourishing your body efficiently to boost your detoxification pathways.

Alongside with a restricting daily eating window and/ or a niacin detox protocol, we will formulate a personalised slimming program to aid with weight loss without exposing you to potential health effects from strict conventional fasting detoxes and rapid weight loss diets.

To book a weight loss holiday using the BioAge Longevity™ and the intermittent fasting protocol click on the link below:


To book a weight loss holiday using the BioAge Detox™ Niacin protocol click on the link below:


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