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Healing Holidays with Nutritious & Delicious Personal Cuisine adapted to your needs! Our nutrition-friendly holidays offer detox, slimming and anti-aging programmes available in Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco & Turkey.

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by Longevity Escapes

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BioAge Longevity™ Program by Longevity Escapes

A 5-day tailored-made holiday program with focus on:

  •  Detox

  •  Weight loss

  •  Cellular Rejuvenation

  •  Prevention of muscle ageing and waste

The BioAge Longevity™ program is based on the scientific evidence that when restricting your daily eating window within a personalised time frame, the body will enter into starvation mode. Hence forcing it to seek its fuel internally. Once this happens, the body will utilise the sugar in our bloodstream. When that’s gone, the body will use the liver’s glycogen stores. After eating fewer calories than the body needs, glycogen stores will run out, so the body has no option to start burning fat.

This Intermittent fasting approach when combined alongside a personalised moderate healthy fat diet, pushes the body into ketosis – the metabolic state in which the body burns fat for energy instead of using carbs or sugar.

But benefits go beyond weight loss or detox. After a short period of calorie-depravation (not to confuse with nutrient deprivation), the body in its attempt to save as much energy as possible, a process called Autophagy is activated. This is when the body begins to break down dead cells and damaged cells that aren’t worth the energy to sustain; the ones that contribute to ageing and are more likely to turn into cancerous. A cellular regeneration is then activated improving cellular oxygenation and cellular energy.

BioAge Longevity™ is able to offer guests a safe weight loss holiday program with rejuvenation spa treatments while boosting general cellular health. Your body becomes healthier, seemingly younger and at less risk of disease, without having to give up on the delicious gastronomy that the holiday has to offer.


- Helps to lose weight without feeling hunger

- Has a Detox effect: Helps to free up toxic chemicals locked in fatty tissues in a safe manner

- Helps fighting free radical damage

- Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

- Reduces inflammation

- Can also lead to better sleep and lots of energy

- Lowers triglyceride levels

- Helps promote insulin sensitivity.

- Helps with muscle ageing and wasting if combined with a Fat burning HIIT workout

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