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BioAge Detox™ Protocol by Longevity Escapes

Updated: Jan 25

BioAge™ Detox is an extremely effective detox program based on the Niacin detox protocol. It is internationally known as one of the most powerful detox protocols and was used on the 911 firefighters to treat their extreme overexposure of toxic dust (a wide array of poisons, including lead, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins) from the WTC buildings collapsing.

We are constantly exposed to toxins, microplastics and heavy metals from our environment and the water and food that we consume. Toxins are stored in our fat and brain tissue which directly impacts us physically and mentally. While eating a healthy diet can enhance the performance of your body’s detoxification process, the liver cannot always cope with the amount of toxins to which we are exposed. Since toxins accumulate in fat tissues, and since there is no way to test through a blood test the amount of toxins stored in fat, we highly recommend that this Detox Protocol becomes for few days part of your monthly prevention regimen in order to stay healthy and avoid accumulation of harmful toxins in your body that contribute to chronic health conditions.

How Does it Work?

Niacin is Vitamin B3 and is created naturally in your body. The premise behind the Niacin Detox is to take a high dose of Niacin supervised by your nutritionist or practitioner and combine it with HIIT exercise sessions. This combination mobilises and stimulates lipolysis at a higher level (break down of fats). When you take Niacin, it induces a flushing effect that feels and looks like a sunburn. Reaction time is different for each person but normally experienced in 5-10 minutes.

As the fats break down, the toxins stored inside the fat are released into your bloodstream for further excretion through the sweat, the GI, stools and urine.

In order to avoid reabsorption of toxins, the BioAge™ Detox protocol uses different binding agent supplements personalised to each individual and health condition to target specific toxins:

  1. Heavy Metals: Mercury, Manganese, Lead, Aluminium etc

  2. Pharmaceutical Drugs: Pain Killers, Prozac, etc

  3. Other Drugs: LSD, heroin, marijuana, PCP, cocaine, alcohol

  4. Formaldehyde, chlorines, Harmful PCBs

  5. Food Preservatives

  6. Pesticides & Herbicides

  7. Anaesthetics

  8. Microplastics

  9. Mold

  10. Bio-toxins released from bacteria and/ or fungal overgrowth

Some binding agents may increase your chances to suffer constipation, reason why it is extremely important to have a consultation with your nutritionist prior to the detox protocol in order to evaluate your stools and GUT functionality to ensure proper excretion of toxins. An unhealthy gut can contribute to a wide range of health issues and interfere with detoxification. In other words, you cannot detox properly if you GUT is not healthy. If this is the case, our nutritionists will formulate a personalised nutrition plan and prescribe some supplements prior to your detox programme.

Is the Niacin Detox Safe?

Niacin is naturally created by your body. It is converted from the amino acid tryptophan. When detoxing, we use niacin above its RDA value (Higher than 50mg and no less than 500mg to 2000mg). In order to check your liver’s functionality as well as other health markers for niacin compatibility, it is mandatory to provide a recent blood test no older than 6 months before undergoing our detox protocol. Since you build up a tolerance to niacin, most people can start at 100 mg and slowly build up to taking 1000 – 1500 mg per session. When repeating the detox protocol, you should still consult your nutritionist in order to advise you on the dosages to follow and on the timings that you should take niacin in order to enhance effectiveness.