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Nutrition Therapy has become one of the hottest trends in travel today and a complement to most Fitness and Yoga Retreats

worldwide, as more and more guests seek to regain balance and relief from daily stressors, life challenges and poor eating habits. We have become more aware of the importance of exercising and minimising exposure to potentially harmful chemical substances found in food, water, cleaning and beauty products – something that can be particularly hard to find when choosing a holiday destination. Thankfully for the health-conscious traveller, our Nutrition Travel Expert team has carefully selected the very best clean-eating hotels and low chemical exposure spa destinations to immerse you to a healthier lifestyle and give your health and energy levels a real mental and physical detox. 

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Why booking a Longevity Escape with us?


Here at Longevity Escapes, we do much more than just booking a yoga holiday or a detox spa break for you. We pride ourselves on understanding the power of a human touch. Right from your first contact, you will be allocated a Personal Nutrition Travel Expert who will listen to what's most important to you, care about your health and guide you planning your luxury wellbeing escape.

Hotel Programs Worldwide



From 2370€ pp

8 Day All-Inclusive Nutrition Weight-Loss Holiday in Albufeira

✔ Free pre-holiday detox plan

✔ Welcome massage & more



From 1120€ pp

8 Day Bio-Vegan Nutrition &

Yoga Retreat in Fuerteventura

Check in any Saturday

✔ Free pre-holiday detox plan



From 445€ pp

4 Day Bio Vegan Yoga Holiday & Forest Bathing in South Tyrol

✔ Half board basis

✔ Free pick up at the station

Group Retreats Worldwide


200™ Off




From 1715€ pp

8 Day Divine Body, Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Bali

✔ Free cancellation*

✔ Free pre-holiday nutrition advice 



From 1565€ pp

7 Day Cell Detox, Pilates, Yoga Retreat in Rhodes Island

✔ Free cancellation*

Free dinner & free airport transfer



From 1655€ pp

7 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Italy at a FarmHouse

✔ Free cancellation*

✔ Free pre-holiday nutrition advice 

— Isabel from Brussels

"would like to thank the Longevity Escapes team, for the so private and personalised approach.

I felt listened and cared but most important not guilty for my old non-healthy habits.

I was impressed by the deep analysis during my free nutrition consultation prior to arrival and the professional dietary advice tailored to my needs so I could nourish and prepare my body and skin well ahead for the sun and the detox program. The transition was smooth and easy to follow on a daily basis: No hunger, no craves, not missing “a taste” and; perfectly integrated into my family life, so we now all enjoy and benefit from good habits!


Once more, much appreciated."

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