Eco-Health Hotel Programs Worldwide

 Eco-Health Hotel Programs Worldwide

nutrition-based private holidays

handpicked by qualified nutritionists

We bring you a selection of healing holiday programs with spectacular culinary experiences offered at eco-friendly hotels that we have carefully selected for you. Whether you are travelling solo, with your family, partner or friends, our eco-health holidays give you the opportunity to enjoy your favourite activities and pamper in eco-spa treatments while sampling gastronomic delights within a clean eating concept. From vegan gourmet cuisine to menus based on traditional recipes, there is a choice for everyone. If you consider yourself a healthy food lover, then you know that getting to understand a different culture comes partially by immersing yourself in authentic gastronomic roots.

Without losing the essence of the haute cuisine that our hotel members have to offer, you can give your health and energy levels a beneficial detox and nutrition boost to revive your wellbeing. We have on offer a variety of eco-health programs to choose from weight-loss management, yoga and mediation programs, thermal spas, vegetarian and vegan detoxes, and Ayurveda cures.

To book your mouth watering eco-health holiday, check out our favourite destinations in Europe and around the world.

Program Types

Our Destinations

Explore our unique range of health and wellness spa destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and The Caribbean and make yourself a priority this holiday season. 

Hotel Programs Deals



From 2370€ pp

8 Day All-Inclusive Nutrition Weight Loss Holiday in Albufeira

✔ Free pre-holiday detox plan

✔ Welcome massage & more



From 1120€ pp

8 Day Bio Vegan Nutrition and

Yoga Retreat in Fuerteventura

Check in any Saturday

✔ Free pre-holiday immunity booster



From 850€ pp

✔ Half board basis

✔ Free pick up at the station

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