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BioAge Detox™ Program

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Available as a 5-day program, BioAge Detox™ is an effective Nutrition Spa Detox program based on the Niacin Detox protocol that you can either undertake from the comfort of your home or while on vacation at one of our eco-friendly destinations in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Morocco and around the world. When you book our BioAge Detox™ program, you receive: a fully scheduled program based on a personal Clean Eating diet approach, a prescription with personal supplementation, an exercise personal timetable and a 5-day sauna therapy schedule with lymphatic massage stimulation. The use of natural supplements is key when combined with exercise at specific times in order to increase capillary circulation; release fat-soluble toxins; and induce "rebound lipolysis" in a controlled and safe manner.

Taking into account that the liver, bowels, kidney and skin are the body’s most effective detoxification organs, the program will focus on keeping these organs working at their best condition prior to detox. We achieve this at a nutritional level with a pre-detox preparation guide; a personalised nutrition plan, a personal supplemental prescription and a post-cleanse lifestyle recommendation to conclude your detox in the most beneficial an effective manner. Key to our success is also to ensure your diet is not only based on fruits and vegetables, but also based on protein rich foods needed to support the detoxification system at a biochemical level.

You will be also pleased to know that the therapy will aid with a healthy weight loss without exposing you to potential health effects from strict conventional fasting detoxes. You'll become healthier, lighter and seemingly younger while allowing you to feel pampered with a pleasant detox experience.

How does it work?

Prior to your appointment 

Nutrition consultations are the core element of our personalised BioAge Detox™ programs and are formulated by qualified Nutritional Therapists with a minimum 3-year studies in the field of Functional Medicine. The consultation takes place through an online platform system and needs to be booked 2 weeks prior to commencing the detox program. Instructions on how to connect to your online consultation will be sent by email. Attached to your appointment confirmation email is also a detailed health questionnaire; a comprehensive 3-Day Food Diary; and an Environmental toxicity questionnaire. You will be required to fill this in before your online appointment and provide your latest blood test results. Please note that without the above a consultation cannot take place nor the detox program be formulated to your individual needs.  

During your Nutrition Consultation

During your 1-hour initial consultation, we will review all aspects of your life and create an extensive personal history. This will allow us to find any patterns acquired over your lifetime that may underlie a symptom or a condition. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Evaluate your overall diet, health status and individual metabolism

  • Assess internal and external environmental risk factors

  • Determine what nutrients and biochemical patterns might be out of balance

  • Assess your intestinal permeability and oral health status


After your Nutrition Consultation

After exploring your personal health concerns and expectations during your 1-hour appointment, we will formulate a detailed program based on effective and achievable lifestyle changes. In order to get started with your Pre-Detox recommendations, you will receive the following 1 or 2 weeks prior to check in: 

  • 1 Detox supplements prescription*

  • 1 Environmental toxicity load report

  • 1 Pre-detox guidelines to commence 1 week prior to the cleanse therapy

  • 1 Personal nutrition plan adapted to your biochemical individuality

  • 1 Personal eating schedule from Monday to Friday

  • 1 Spa Detox Circuit schedule*: supplement, exercise, sauna and massage timings (5 days detox therapy)

* Please note supplements are not included and should be bought on time as they are essential to your pre-detox preparation and detox therapy

* Schedule to be started during the detox therapy phase (after check-in)

Pre-Detox Preparation

Preparing your body 1 or 2 weeks before detoxing is just as important as doing a cleanse itself. During this phase, we'll ensure vital nutrients are replenished thanks to a Personal Nutrition Plan and simple lifestyle changes. The detox preparation guide includes tools and tips to support your health from the comfort of your home and its main purpose is to:

  1. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, allergens and chemicals

  2. Reduce anti-nutrients consumption and by-products from chemical processes

  3. Eliminate any hidden infection from bacteria, virus, yeast and parasites

  4. Improve oral health and intestinal permeability if required

  5. Reduce stress and increase exercise physical activity

  6. Eliminate certain food types if needed 

  7. Increase tolerance to Niacin (B3) with scheduled and guided daily dose by your assigned nutritionist

During your 5-Day Detox Program

The 5-day BioAge Detox™ program is basically a Spa Detox schedule that combines HIIT exercise, lymphatic stimulation and sauna therapy together with the administration of natural dietary supplements at specific times. By stimulating a "flushing" or vasodilation effect, we will increase circulation to skin and other organs like the intestinal tract, induce “rebound lipolysis" and promote the detox process. By exercising, we will enhance this movement of blood and release fat-soluble toxic residues accumulated in adipose tissue. Finally, the use of chelating agents will bind to toxic chemicals and facilitate excretion out of the body through the GI tract, urine and sweat in a safe manner. Alongside your personalised nutrition plan, our support and guidance, rest assured you will be in good hands.

Post Detox Program

BioAge Detox™ program includes a 30 min follow-up session that typically takes place right after the completion of the therapy to ensure that any essential progress is maintain.

Who should detox?

  • Individuals staying long periods indoor, feeling fatigue, stressed and lack of energy

  • Individuals with poor healthy habits and exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, mercury amalgam fillings, micro-plastics, microbial toxins and mycotoxins.

  • Individuals consuming daily high amounts of coffee, alcohol, painkillers, medicines or food in plastic containers

  • Individuals using daily cleaners, cosmetics, nail polish, hair dies or non-organic natural body products and soaps

  • Individuals exposed to PTFE, PFOA, BPA, aluminium, cadmium, lead or using copper and Tefal cookware

  • Individuals warming food in plastic containers or drinking water from plastic bottles

  • Individuals with high sensitivity sense of smell towards paint fumes, tobacco smoke, auto exhaust, perfumes, insecticides, new carpets, chlorine, and more. 

  • Individuals under 55 kilos weight

Available at an extra cost

  • Functional laboratory tests such as DNA enzymes & Glutathione test (Optional) 

BioAge Detox™ Destinations

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