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What makes Longevity Escapes so special is the exclusive selection of certified sustainable hotels and health programs handpicked by a team of nutritionists. Through our partnership, our aim is to increase awareness and make people around the world more conscious about the choices they make when choosing a spa package, health program or group retreat. We achieve this not only by promoting eco-holidays with healthy eating boards and low chemical exposure spa programs, but by ensuring that all our health holidays are supervised by qualified health professionals and nutritionists with a minimum three years studies in their filed of expertise.  

Together we can raise awareness

The growing demand for personalised nutrition has become a key health holiday topic over the last few years and a current trend since the COVID-19 has impacted our lives. The global pandemic is changing the way we chose to travel, and is affecting the types of nutritional foods and holiday venues we seek out in order to stay strong and healthy. On a positive note, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of strengthening the immune system to keep infections at bay, but did you know that environmental toxins can impair the immune system?

At Longevity Escapes, we make it our number one priority to help individuals understand how they can minimise exposure to potentially harmful chemical substances when travelling. Since these common substances are found in food, water, cleaning products and beauty treatments, they can be particularly hard to avoid when choosing a holiday venue. Thankfully for the health-conscious traveller, our Nutrition Travel Expert team has carefully selected the very best clean-eating hotels and low chemical exposure spa destinations to give your health and energy levels a real mental and physical detox.

Our curated collection offers a unique blend of affordable luxury and sustainability and comes with free nutritional support prior to check-in when you book directly with us a hotel program, spa package or group retreat. You can now discover the best diet for your body type, genetic make-up and health concerns at the time of booking; experience a more personalised wellness holiday approach; and return home feeling able to make significant health changes in your everyday life.

 To further provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the healing effects of nutritional therapy, we have developed BioAge Nutrition™: A range of nutritional solutions for detox, cellular rejuvenation and balanced meal plans following personal consultation and guidance from your assigned nutritionist.

You can book one of our BioAge Nutrition™ programs in a fusion package at an exclusive Eco Spa Destination from our collection. We feel very proud to partner with hotels and retreat organisers offering extraordinary high-level of wellbeing hospitality and where healthy nutrition is at the centre of high quality gastronomy.

 BioAge Nutrition™ formulations are purposely designed to help you gain a tremendous amount of control over how ageing and genetic traits are expressed in each cell thanks to our background on the scientific fields of Nutrigenomics, Epigenetic, Functional Medicine and on the latest advances in rejuvenation.

 When given pre-holiday nutrition advice, we ensure that nutritional recommendations are personalised to your needs thanks to blood test result pre-evaluation.​ While supplemental interventions might seem inoffensive due to the extensive role Internet and social media nowadays plays in self-practiced healthcare, we discourage everyone from fasting and using cleaning protocols with supplemental doses higher than the daily recommendations without the supervision and approval of a nutritionist or a healthcare professional.

Take health to the next level, and become the best version you can be within safe protocols. That's what a health getaway is about at Longevity Escapes. The most effective lifestyle-changing programs at eco-friendly hotels and venues worldwide.

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