ALongevity Escapes, we are committed to be the company where nutrition becomes a 'holiday therapy’ across all areas of our business; spa nutrition, wellness holiday packages, corporate wellness and personal exclusive health travel services.

Healthy Food For A Healthy Planet

The growing demand for personalised nutrition has become a key holiday topic over the last few years and one of the hottest trends in the wellness hotel industry. What makes Longevity Escapes special is the hand-picked selection of exclusive hotels for their provision of healthy cuisine, eco-friendliness, commitment to the environment and high-standard hospitality.

This new concept has led to an increase in nutrition-friendly holidays, where guests can now discover the best diet for their body type, genetic make-up and health concerns, and return home feeling able to make significant health changes in their everyday life.

Longevity Escapes aims to provide people with the opportunity to benefit from the healing effects of nutrition through cellular-rejuvenation and anti-ageing holiday programmes. Formulations are based on the scientific fields of Nutrigenomics, Epigenetic and Functional Medicine and purposely designed to gain a tremendous amount of control over how ageing and genetic traits are expressed in each cell.

Founder and Nutritional Therapist, Sandra Diegues, is a strong food science advocate and understands the importance of optimum nutrition for better ageing. This is no doubt thanks to growing up in a small village in Spain where most families still run free-range farms, cultivating nearly all vegetables needed organically and seasonally for a long healthy life.

She wanted to be part of this holiday trend and share with the world the many health benefits that this approach has to offer by creating her own signature therapies: BioAge Nutrition™. Based on the latest advances in rejuvenation science, she developed a range of nutritional solutions for detox, longevity and health in balance following personal consultation and guidance from a team of qualified nutritionists. BioAge Nutrition's protocol to longevity is offered exclusively to Spa Hotels with extraordinary high-level of wellbeing hospitality and where healthy nutrition is at the centre of high quality gastronomy.

We make it our number one priority to help individuals seeking healthy holidays to optimise their health and regain natural balance in establishments different from the typical Medical Spa Resort or Group Retreat. We accomplish this by offering our quality nutrition spa programmes to exclusive Hotels who fit in within our nutrition approach.

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